We bring to you the new bimonthly magazine from the editorial team at Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. We call it Studentrepreneur.

We will take you through success stories of prominent entrepreneurs and huge brands we know today; life and works of recipients of Nobel Prize in Economics; news from the business world on which companies got together and who all set apart;  on some intriguing debates on entrepreneurship as well as a series of articles on our best bets for the campus startups that could harness some real interest. Hope you would enjoy it.


Studentrepreneur E-Summit Edition

With the E-Summit only days away, the Entrepreneurship Develpment Cell brings to you the Studentrepreneur to give a sneak peek into the events of this year’s E-Summit. Also, we provide a primer on what a business plan is and how to make one.


Studentrepreneur TEDxIITDelhi Edition

In this Special TEDxIITDehi edition, we provide you an initiation in the world of TED through an infographic and compile some of the most amazing TEDTalks ever. Also featured are the speakers of the upcoming TEDx event at IIT Delhi on 19  January 2013.

Studentrepreneur 2.0

Studentrepreneur 2.0 (Interactive)

Studentrepreneur 1.0


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