Workshop On Entrepreneruship

Ever had an idea and wondered whether it can be converted into a successful startup. Have a team of enthusiastic people looking to build a successful venture. Wanna be the next poster-boy of the budding startup ecosystem? Or just curious about Entrepreneurship? To provide answers to all these queries, we had with us, Mr. Salil Agrawal, an IIMA alumni with 31 years of diverse experience spanning both industry and consulting in leadership roles.

Out of curiosity, Mr. Agrawal asked the audience about their motive behind pursuing entrepreneurship. Most of them, comprising of students and budding entrepreneurs, stated it, to be able to work on their ideas and make an impact on the society.

Catering to that, he focused the workshop, on the idea which every wannabe entrepreneur should have in his mind, any technology or service or anything that he can build into a product and create a market demand.

Mr. Agrawal asked the students if they had any specific course focusing on Entrepreneurial skills in the curriculum & then went forward by telling us about 91university.

91university is a foundation course for entrepreneurs, which focuses on creating entrepreneurs who can establish their foundation on the basis of hands on training on practical aspects, exposure to industry stints and the knowledge of how to overcome entrepreneurial challenges by creating an interactive environment. He discussed on how to build our skills that are needed in our business and enhance knowledge that will help us stay ahead.

He further discussed the difficulties any startup faces, from getting funding to having their first client or customer. Interacting with the audience, he emphasized on the importance of the first customer for any product.

Mr. Agrawal focused on developing skills that will help the future entrepreneurs in their ventures and advised audience to start working on their ideas as soon as they get one.


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