Fireworks Of Future

Some alchemists once were trying to make a potion of immortality, however they ended up in an explosion & ironically gun powder was invented. Later on the gun powder was mixed with different substances & various colors were observed which amazed people. The loud bangs of fireworks were then used to scare evil spirits away in those times. However today, the shrieking sound & smoke can scare even the good spirits. So today we’ll see the shortcomings of modern fireworks & where they lack, presenting the food for thought to the young curious entrepreneurial minds.


  • Silent Fireworks

Just think that if you are moving in the streets, unaware about the fireworks, & suddenly you see a bright light in the sky with a big bang from the sky. Sometimes even we get scared, right ? Then think about those innocent animals, what they have to go through, who have certainly no idea about all the chaos. People have started to realize it now & so have begun promoting silent fireworks, to reduce stress on animals & other live stocks.  Many cities in Europe have completely turned themselves into “silent firework” zones. Catering to this need, new companies have started, like Setti Fireworks, Fantastic Fireworks have started developing silent explosives for different events. Quite fireworks depend on colors & choreographic release rather than use of gun powder to launch the display in air. The display isn’t far reaching as still it is unsuitable for very large crowd, thus work needs to be done to make celebrations pet & veteran friendly.

  • Daytime Fireworks

Fireworks are only enjoyed against the dark night background. But according to Ian Hardy at BBC, there are many corporate requests for daytime fireworks to create displays that could be visible in the daytime. Enabling daytime fireworks could be really useful for the events which get launched during the daytime – like outdoor sports events etc.

  • 3D Choreography

With the help of computer simulations & latest software’s, pyrotechnicians are able to view their shows with different audience perspectives & plan them accordingly. There are advanced software’s which can even compensate for wind & gravity. Designers can combine their blasts with musical scores then load the data into a firing computer that runs the actual show. But due to economics, there are only a fraction of events where computer fired shows happen. Innovations in choreography software’s across the spectrum would provide us with immediate benefits in the safety, quality of displays & thereby may provide economic benefits for better sales of tools.

  • Drones

In the recent past, to prove the point that “it’s not always the drone which should be looking at you – sometimes it’s the drone you should be looking at”, at Consumer electronic show in Las Vegas, Intel set the world record for most unmanned vehicles airborne simultaneously. They are ready to make the smoke filled & noisy fireworks, the things of past.



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