Workshop on Business Planning


We had Mr. Vishal Chadha (an IIT & IIM Global business leader, with extensive experience selling to clients in Manufacturing, Financial Services & Retail verticals) with us to share with us his vast experience in the field of business planning.

“Any man who does not plan long, will find ahead trouble at his door”

He discussed with us, the need of planning & then went ahead to share the way of planning. He told us about the important components which comprises a successful business planning because “any fool can start a business, but it takes a genius to run one successfully”. To keep the complex things simple & understandable to layman’s, he used the support of some easy examples & elementary economics concepts.

Moving further, he provided us an insight to the creation of business plan & explained the jargons associated with it. Along with the modern examples of big firms like Apple, Amazon, Flip kart, he showed the importance of planning, & how these giants plan for successful utilization of their resources.

The entire session was kept alive with frequent questions & their prompt answers, which shifted gears and moved us to the depths of the topic. The end was marked with a big applause, for the kind of planning Mr. Chadha did – touching every nook & cranny of the topic, in a short span.


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